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Kris Rusch on Non-Compete Clauses
PenguinCymbals -- orsm.net
Anyone who's ever considered tradpubbing a book really needs to read Kris's Business post this week on non-compete clauses.

Some choice quotes:

If you sign any version of a non-compete clause, you will never be a full-time professional writer. Writing will not be your career. Something else will, and you will write on the side for the rest of your life.

I know of at least two mystery writers who need their publisher’s permission to put up a blog post. I know of several more who have had to get a document granting them blanket permission from their fiction publisher to write nonfiction.

Your current publisher might not enforce that clause; the publisher/business your current publisher sells out to might enforce the clause, and make you pay damages for anything you’ve previously published after you signed the contract (and ignored the clause).

Interested yet? Good. Go read it. Seriously, this is important. :/


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Trad publishing just gets worse and worse. It's a wonder they have any up-and-coming authors - I'm assuming the big names have avoided all these little contract traps or maybe not.

My understanding is that the household-name bestsellers have very different contracts than the little writers (or even writers who've hit the bestseller lists, but not consistently single-digits on said lists) and so they might well not have non-competes. OTOH, someone who's making millions per year anyway might not CARE about the restrictions on a non-compete clause. :P


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