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What Do You Care What Other People Think?
PenguinCymbals -- orsm.net
Mystery writer Cristy Fifield wrote a great post on the subject of social fears versus the best path to achieving your goals. She uses an example from basketball, about how taking free throws underhanded, or "granny style," scores more points than throwing overhand, but most players throw overhand because it's cool, and they think granny shots make them look dorky. They want to look cool (and NOT look dorky) more than they want to score points for their team. Which is all messed up if you think about it.

It's a great post, with some interesting links, and the point of it all definitely applies to writers. Check it out. (Scroll down a bit after you click through to the page.)


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Interesting concept that you'd think we'd grow out of - but we don't! Or at least we don't unless we work very hard at it.

True. And I think, if anything, we grow more into it as adults. Kids are willing to do more silly things in front of people, until they're taught (by being laughed at and mocked enough) not to. Seems like it's harder for adults to move away from what everyone else is doing; it takes focus and effort to throw off the fears of social disapproval. :/


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