Angela Benedetti (angelabenedetti) wrote,
Angela Benedetti

Moving On

For anyone who missed last month's announcement, I'm more or less shutting down this journal. I'm not deleting it, but I believe the NASA term is "abandoned in place." If you're looking for my monthly anthology market listing, this month's post (January 2017) is here.

To keep up with what I'm doing now:

If you're a reader and want to know what's up with my m/m romance (which is all out of print right now, because I split from Torquere, but will be coming back later this year) follow this blog. I'll also continue posting the Anthology Market posts there because a lot of people have it bookmarked for that.

If you're a reader and want to hear about my SF/fantasy/crime/whateverelse fiction, follow this blog.

If you're a writer and want to follow my writing and publishing posts, plus the Anthology Market posts, plus whatever else I feel like talking about, follow this blog.

If you're not used to following blogs, I recommend Feedly as a blog reader/aggregator. It's worked really well for me since the Google Reader was taken down, and it's free. Put the name of what you're looking for, or the URL of the blog you want to read into it, and it'll find an RSS feed for you, which is pretty nifty.

I've had a lot of great times here on LJ, but it seems to be largely winding down. I hope everyone's doing well and still writing. Come see me at my other digs! [wave/hugz]

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