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Angela Benedetti
3 August 1963
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My name is Angela Benedetti and I’m a writer. I live in Seattle, Washington, and have been writing since I was a teenager.

Most of my stories are gay romance or erotica, or often both. I write in a variety of genres, including science fiction, fantasy and urban fantasy, as well as the more realistic contemporary settings. Some of my stories are quite dark while others are light and humorous. I’m more than willing to write something sexy if it supports the story, and I’ll walk on the BDSM side of the street occasionally. I enjoy exploring new things and trying new ideas and I’m never sure what kind of story or characters are going to pop up and demand to be next. :)

Anyone is welcome to friend me; there's no need to ask permission or anything like that. To me, "friending" a journal or subscribing to a blog or similar is just bookmarking something I want to read regularly, no more and no less. I won't necessarily friend back -- I'm trying to avoid timesinks that cut into writing time, and Flists are huge timesinks -- and if I friend you first, I don't expect that you'll necessarily friend me back either.

I hope you enjoy my work and that you’ll let me know what you thought. Feedback from readers, including constructive criticism, is always welcome. Thanks!

List of My Fiction, including some free fiction (some sequels to published stories, plus some stand-alone stories) up on my web site.

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